What’s New

September 17th, 2004: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 5:37 pm

– announce in chat when a new player has successfully registered with code
– additional owner chat controls
– fixed jackpot balls all being shown again sometimes when the amount has increased
– added monkey animation and new sounds when jackpot has been won

What’s New

September 16th, 2004: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 1:09 pm

– fixed “null” appearing multiple times in player list of chat
– additional referral security measures
– announce in chat when someone gets the jackpot

What’s New

September 15th, 2004: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 12:44 am

– new site header and footer, updated site templates too
– added some initial contents to the Help section
– referred players will now show up properly in the Friends page (still need to add actual status)
– show newest members and best players in the front page
– changed the way screen names can be updated
– added Best Player lists, also show in actual game
– fixed a gamelogin page bug (no target id)
– fixed a loophole in referrals
– capture system stats
– additional security measures for players trying to open multiple accounts
– fixed chat not remembering sign-in settings properly
– added some chat owner-specific features
– added capability for game clients to send messages to the chat client, effectively creating server-to-server communication as necessary (e.g. announcement of bingo winners in chat, note: this doesn’t work when the player is already offline though)
– added basic Flash version check within the site header

What’s New

September 9th, 2004: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 9:06 pm

– fixed potential problems in chat/game’s initial connection to the game servers
– temporarily disabled the game window’s auto sign-in
– possible fix for blog pages layout issues (still need to completely check this), temporarily disabled comments as it seems to be the cause of the problem

What’s New

September 8th, 2004: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 9:07 pm

– moved blog pages to use WordPress instead
– added page navigation at the bottom of each page (footer)
– added Profile page, where players can edit all their account and personal information
– added Friends page, where players can invite other players to join (more features still need to be added to this page)
– added Help page, this still needs some actual contents
– bingo game will now allow first-time registrants to play immediately (for one session only), without confirming their registration codes first
– added sessions tracking, so players only need to sign-in once per game session
– fixed smileys in chat that do not properly show at the right places
– fixed Flash cross-domain issue resulting to the bingo game and chat unable to connect to the game servers sometimes
– other minor revisions to the bingo game, chat client, and the game servers

Welcome to HeyBingo.com!

September 1st, 2004: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 9:08 pm

HeyBingo.com’s site is officially launched today.

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