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October 30th, 2004: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 6:14 pm

– some quick game server changes to detect potential database issues… while I hope mySQL won’t go down again, this is just a precautionary measure to make sure the games are resumed/restarted properly as necessary, even if I am not online


October 30th, 2004: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 5:19 pm

Well, the database server went down today 🙁 The good news: it wasn’t as bad as the previous database crash. I did not actually lose any records, and everything is intact. The bad news: the fact that mySQL went down is not at all good. Fortunately, I was actually online when it happened, and I was able to rectify the problem immediately. My main server was also thankfully properly configured, that it actually restarted things on its own. The problem is, my scripts were not able to detect it early (I’m not even sure if it will) but even if it did, there is a chance that the database is corrupted already.

In any case, I will try to monitor this more closely, as this is not a good sign. I just hope this actually doesn’t happen again, and while I am asleep or not online! I’ve been asking everyone to cooperate, but not all would like to … and who gets the blame when they lose their points and records? You’re right … ME ME ME! Ok now I’m whining too 🙂

What’s New

October 29th, 2004: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 4:16 pm

– several game server code changes, to hopefully make it more stable (though I still notice some remaining issues)
– when any player in a game is already 1 to go, don’t allow new purchases to be made already. I think this is a good compromise so that:
(a) incoming players still don’t wait too long to join a game, although this does increase wait time in some instances (but mostly only upon initial entry)
(b) players already in the game won’t complain as much that late buyers are still allowed to join the current game (and “unfairly” get a chance to win it too). This might also actually address 1 or 2 issues in my list, I’ll see in the next few days…
– preliminary concepts for a new bingo theme (as an option for higher-level players), as well as some additional game/chat features
– minor blog format updates, including a display bug fix (affecting IE users only)

What’s New

October 20th, 2004: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 8:36 pm

– added new room (a few days ago)
– additional game security measures (plus logs)
– additional check to auto-restart a room if a game is frozen (ie won’t play new games), apparently my previous check doesn’t cover all scenarios … so far this update seems to work, although this is still just a temporary solution (as I can’t be online 24 hrs a day to monitor if a room is down)
– added new male caller, courtesy of a player
– re-organized some current game room assignments, to better balance the load of the 2 machines

What’s New

October 15th, 2004: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 4:19 pm

– added 2 new rooms, including an Uncensored room where chat is not filtered at all
– minor layout change in the home page, make rooms easier to “read”
– preliminary codes for an ignore feature
– checking 3-patterns bingo, it probably needs some new game rules … might be available soon in the higher level rooms for initial testing phase
– minor maintenance update to Profile page
– wondering when I can ever have time to finish the new slingo-type game … too many things to do, so little time … i should probably stop “wondering” and actually get something done LOL

Random Thoughts

October 14th, 2004: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 9:20 pm

Well this is my first post in the Personal section, and it’s not even a good one 🙁

Everyday when I check my mail, I get more and more complaints, and it’s not fun… considering that I don’t even have enough time reading e-mails from players that really need help.

On one end, there is this set of players who jump from room to room after JP has been won, and this upsets a lot of players (and can actually freeze a room, though I’ve been trying to fix this). On the other end, there is this set of players who, intentionally or unintentionally, are driving other players away from a particular room because of smiley usage that they think is fun. However, this not only drives away the room jumpers, but also new players who happen to just moved up to a higher level. Naturally, the newbies in the room don’t know the “rules”, and they end up feeling not welcomed.

What these players don’t know is that they are all complaining about each other, and if I start banning players just based on complaints, probably no one will be left playing on the site!

It’s a shame, and I honestly don’t know what to do. Sometimes I feel like I am babysitting a bunch of grown-up kids, if there’s such a term 🙁 Whatever I do (or don’t do), a group of players will surely not like it. I can’t please everyone, and probably I can never please any one of them.

Soon another smiley will probably be objectionable to another group of players (and probably rightfully so), or another group won’t like that I removed some smileys, so it got me thinking if I should just remove all the smileys altogether. Then they will probably find an entirely new issue to disagree with anyway.

One day, if I have to shut down the site (hopefully not!), all these players will probably even hate me, and not one of them will even thank me for putting up the site in the first place. I guess that’s life 🙁

On a good note… it’s my mom’s birthday today, so happy birthday mom!!! She won’t be reading this of course, since she doesn’t go online or even just use the computer, but I wanted to greet her on the Internet anyway LOL 🙂 Now if only she plays bingo…

What’s New

October 14th, 2004: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 9:01 pm

– preparing new set of rooms, probably ready tomorrow
– removed thumbs down from the smiley list, getting TOO MUCH complaints everyday … plus I need space for the rose anyway which used to be a hidden smiley

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