What’s New

April 26th, 2005: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 11:35 pm

– fixed a chat bug when using the middle scroll bar (in the player list) and the player at the bottom of the list sometimes does not properly scroll and show anymore (until the scroll down button is pressed one more time)
– added safeguard measures so the site is not affected when the CE banner server is unavailable for whatever reason. Usually when this happens, the site becomes almost inaccessible since it’s waiting for data from the CE banner server, and the http daemon keeps restarting itself for some reason. The last time this happened (back in December), it actually crashed the physical server itself. Hopefully this is now fully avoided (worked fine when a similar problem occured today, which I thankfully noticed immediately… though the site still went down for a few minutes until I figured out the real issue).