What’s New

April 27th, 2006: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 2:02 pm

– updated some sites pages for the 90-ball bingo game
– opened/set-up additional 90-ball bingo rooms

What’s New

April 25th, 2006: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 6:34 pm

– updated all game clients, fixed a major problem in any game client that causes it to hog a significant portion of CPU resources than it really needs (when cards are bought already). The bug is Flash player related, and has been very hard to detect.

This covers some reported issues in Spin-A-Bingo where spinner animation seems slower (more common with players who have slower PCs) until a Free Square icon shows up and things tend to improve afterwards. Thanks to those who have reported this specific scenario and gave useful details, as it helped me fixed a problem some players are having, which has likely been present for a long time now.

90-Ball Bingo

April 22nd, 2006: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 8:26 pm

The new 90-Ball Bingo game has been officially open for limited beta-testing today.

What’s New

April 22nd, 2006: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 1:42 pm

– fixed a long-standing issue in chat where an “undefined” player is sometimes shown as the first player when scrolling the player list
– minor optimizations in chat player object creations
– a couple of final changes/additions to the 90-ball bingo game

What’s New

April 18th, 2006: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 12:25 pm

– fixed a date display minor issue in the best players pages
– fixed some potential minor tags display issue in the home pages for certain browsers

What’s New

April 9th, 2006: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 3:45 pm

I have added some codes to detect and log some remaining issues in Spin-A-Bingo, and after A LOT of studying I was finally able to fix another long-standing issue in the game, related to scoring which occurs under 2 situations:
1. If the player ran out of time, the final spin’s submitted score may SOMETIMES be a little less than the actual score. This occurs because there is not enough time to complete some events preventing the game from adding up some points before the game finally closes.
2. A full-card is SOMETIMES recognized in the card but the 1,000+ additional points are not added properly. This mostly occurs during the last spin AND the player’s computer is slower than usual to finish some ongoing events (eg some animations), even if there is still enough game time.

Both have now been fixed. I have also placed a secondary scoring to guarantee 100% accuracy. This makes sure that all scores are accounted for properly in ALL spins, even if the player runs out of time, or if certain things are taking a longer time to finish.

However, this won’t fix some potential VERY RARE issues when the Internet connection of the player is really very slow and/or unstable. The server can only wait for incoming last score data for a few seconds, so once it already determined and announced all the winners, it has to ignore the very late submissions already, otherwise the entire game of all players will be affected.

So a suggestion to those who always run out of time to complete all the spins and you want to make sure your final scores are counted accurately: please play in the other rooms where the game times are longer. There are enough rooms with varying game timers, you should be able to find a room that best complements the speed and stability of your Internet connection, as well as your own game skill.

In any case, the changes have been in effect for more than 24 hours now, and judging by the number of player complaints I got today (ZERO complaint on this issue, unlike the previous days), I think it’s safe to say that this problem is now completely fixed (except in the rare instance noted above, which is something I don’t have control of).

What’s New

April 7th, 2006: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 6:12 pm

– minor color changes in the home page

– minor changes in all Flash clients, also made a couple of changes to Spin-A-Bingo game, to help prevent some spinner issues. I have also added some codes to request for data again (in case some packets are getting lost for whatever reason). However, this is not activated yet to avoid any new potential source of side-issues, since I think the latest server changes have been sufficient

– fixed a major bug in the game servers. I just confirmed that 1 or more incoming packets can get combined into 1 long packet, or 1 packet can get split into 2 or more shorter packets. Buffering is supposed to handle this properly, but as it turns out, the changes I have made a few months ago to support packet buffering is not really working as intended at all. This has now been fixed.

This bug actually affects ALL game servers, and I expect this covers some rare but intermittent errors that I am seeing in the game logs. This should also cover one of the long-standing problems in Spin-A-Bingo where the spinners will just continue spinning forever (well, this is NOT the only potential culprit, but it is likely the most common cause, as I confirmed myself how it happens).

A note to Spin-A-Bingo users: with all these improvements, I still do NOT expect the problem to go away for EVERYONE. Internet connection (more than your PC’s speed) really plays a major role in getting a stable gameplay. Those who have really slow and/or unstable Internet connection may still experience a longer time before the spinners will stop sometimes (the technical reason behind that: the game client is waiting for new data from the game servers, which have not arrived yet). Unfortunately, that is really something beyond my control already.

I’m also studying if my current 5 servers/machines may already be overloaded somehow (no such indications so far though), and if I should get new/faster server machines already. This costs a lot of money though, so I really have to plan this carefully.

The good news: the server changes have been in effect for more than 24 hours now, and if the email reports are any indication (I only got 1 spinner complaint after the changes, which is a rarity), the game may be performing better already. So I am hoping that the problem has at least been MINIMIZED for majority of the players.

Also, my apologies to those who have been reporting this issue, but were not receiving a reply back from me. Some issues really just take a long time to solve (I wish it’s that’s easy!) I also hope everyone understands that it’s really impossible for me to respond individually to all the emails, but that doesn’t mean that I am ignoring you guys! 😉

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