What’s New

April 3rd, 2006: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 12:13 am

– updated some Help/FAQ sections
– some code changes/additions to the Lottery/Drawing areas

What’s New

April 1st, 2006: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 5:14 pm

– a couple of code changes so monthly maintenance stuff can eventually be fully automated
– minor changes for chat server management
– format numbers properly in the scrolling top players within the games
– combine top players pages (previously, current and monthly lists are on 2 separate code pages)
– additional game security measures
– player points can now accumulate to more than 10M+
– track winnings of 1st placers only in the Spin-A-Bingo top winners list, this should make database access a lot more efficient
– sort bingo winners so bigger wins are displayed first (more needed for 90-ball bingo)
– minor corrections in the computation of minimum pot (affects progressive-type games mainly)
– a couple of changes in some site pages to support the new game, and combine some common functions
– new builds of the game clients/servers, with support for the 90-ball bingo game that I am doing right now… hopefully there aren’t any new issues arising from the recent builds

New Game: as mentioned, it will be a 90-ball bingo game, which is now starting to appear in a number of other bingo sites. I’ve decided to make this the next game to launch, as it’s the “easiest” to complete among the other games I have in the works. It should be playable in beta within the next few weeks…

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