What’s New

November 4th, 2006: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 5:00 pm

– updated some codes in the player profile section, allow sending of registration codes directly from this page, as well as detect and more properly handle bouncing e-mails so players will be notified accordingly
– added 2 new sub-areas in the chat rooms
– coded some new stuff to help me automate some recurring routines

Around last week of October, Yahoo has made some significant changes in their e-mail servers. This resulted to a lot of delayed e-mails when sending registration codes to Yahoo addresses. At worst, the e-mails are never received by the recipients at all. The issue has apparently been getting a lot of concerns lately, as even legitimate e-mails are being filtered by Yahoo too strictly. I have contacted Yahoo yesterday, and while I did not expect any action, around 3 hours after the report has been made, e-mails to Yahoo addresses have started to go through immediately again. Not sure if Yahoo actually took an immediate action, or if it was just coincidence, but what’s important is, the issue has now been resolved (no problems the last 24 hours or so at least).

So if you are a Yahoo user, and you recently signed-up on HeyBingo and you are still waiting for your registration code, please request your code to be re-sent so you can continue playing. You can now do this either from the login page, or from your profile page.