Happy New Year!

December 29th, 2006: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 1:57 pm

It will be year 2007 in a few days. I haven’t had the chance to greet everyone a happy holidays!

Looking back, I have not really been able to update the site as much as I wanted to. There are too many plans, a lot of great ideas, but for some reasons, even if I think I actually have enough spare time, I have not really been able to sit down and work on things. It was HeyBingo’s 2nd year anniversary last September, but even that just passed without any fanfare. I would have wanted to introduce a major site update/feature, or even a new game.

I even had one player ask me why the game player mascot is not wearing any Christmas hat this year, which made me realize that there are quite a number of players who have been playing on HeyBingo for a long time now, and are still here playing (thanks to all of you: and yes I added the missing hat just in time, I guess this will be a “tradition” of some sorts already from hereon).

This year, I have also seen the Spin-A-Bingo game copied on another more established game site (I didn’t realize HeyBingo is that popular already for other sites to even notice). There has also been some problems with sponsorships (maintaining the site does cost money), and the worst is probably still yet to come, but this doesn’t really bother me much, since from the beginning the site was intended mainly to just be a platform to showcase the games I am doing. And I know the site has probably inspired a few other developers in one way or another.

The year 2006 has been very good for me, the blessings still far outweigh the minor hardships/problems I encountered. I guess I have been too preoccupied with various personal things, which is not really a bad thing in itself, but I know I could have given the site more time that it deserves. So next year, one of the things I am really bent on doing is to finally wrap up many of the things I’ve been working on for the site.

Here’s to a better year for HeyBingo! I hope you and your respective families will also have a more prosperous, peaceful and blessed new year ahead. Happy new year everyone!!

Server Issues

December 28th, 2006: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 6:51 pm

One of the servers has been acting up lately (3 forced reboots in a week), resulting to some downtimes in the game rooms located on this particular server, as well as slower loading of the site pages itself (when the server hangs-up). I think I might have to purchase a new server already, I’m guessing there is already some hardware failure somewhere. However, it’s the holidays and it takes a couple of days to fully set-up a new server, so in the meantime I have moved things around so that the problematic server won’t be in use anymore. Hopefully the other servers won’t be affected by the sudden additional loads. I have also opened up the remaining Spin-A-Bingo room which has been closed for a long time now.