Server Update

July 13th, 2007: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 10:48 pm

Fixed a geo-targeting feature in one of the servers that’s causing some significant slowdown in banner delivery, which in turn is also causing slower loading of main site pages sometimes (whenever this particular server is accessed). It’s strange because the problem only appeared now (I just noticed it today actually), while this geo-targerting feature has been added for quite some time now. Anyway, it’s been fixed.

Network Issues

July 6th, 2007: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 2:01 am

There has been some network issues with my hosting provider that lasted for about an hour. It affected the loading of the main site pages, and 1/4 of the game rooms. They’ve fixed it now, and everything is back to normal. Sorry to those who have been affected.

I just realized this has been my first post in almost 5 months! And it’s even about a network issue. Haven’t been able to update the site much (other than some maintenance stuff), but I’m doing some progress elsewhere. Will keep everyone updated eventually…