Network Issues

August 25th, 2007: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 5:48 pm

From my hosting provider:

“We are currently experiencing issues upstream from our Savvis IDC. Savvis was performing unscheduled maintainence on backbone devices which has caused a peering issue and severe or 100% packet loss for most hosts on the Savvis network.”

This explains the site problems that occurred today, lasting for about 3-4 hours. All my servers were affected, so players were unable to access the site and all the game rooms. There has been some uptime that lasted for a few minutes only, then it becomes inaccessible again. Connection has been experiencing intermittent issues.

Anyway, everything seems to be ok now, although the data center is still working on some things to make sure everything is fully restored back to normal.

Server Issues

August 2nd, 2007: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 1:49 pm

One of the servers stopped responding awhile back, affecting 1/4 of the game rooms and site page loading. There was some downtime of about 30 minutes while waiting for the machine to be rebooted. It’s now back online and everything appears to be ok again. Sorry to those who have been affected and had to wait before being able to play again.