Another Hardware Problem

March 22nd, 2008: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 10:03 pm

One of the servers (not the same one as last week) had another hardware issue today. My hosting provider needed to replace the power supply this time. This server hosts the main web site, so the entire site have been inaccessible for awhile. Total downtime is 37 minutes or so. Not as bad as last week’s problem, but with these recent issues, I really need to think of solutions.

While these issues are unavoidable (especially hardware problems), I think it can be improved to lessen the total downtime (or none at all). Not an easy task, as this requires multiple servers (that costs time and money to put into action), but I’m adding this in my list of things to prepare for. Anyway, the server is now back online.

Server Issues

March 15th, 2008: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 6:41 am

One of the servers is currently experiencing problems in the network provider. 1/4 of the game rooms have been down for an hour now. It looks like it will take much more time to get the server back online, so I have temporarily moved things around to get all the game rooms working again.

All games should be ok now, however I will still be working on fixing the server that’s currently having issues. Nothing much I can do really, as the problem is on the network provider, but they said I might have to change IPs, so this requires some work. Hopefully the transition will be easy.

UPDATE: They have replaced the failing hardware (a router port), so the server is now back online. Thankfully, no changing of IPs required. Everything is now back to normal.