What’s New

May 27th, 2006: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 6:35 pm

– several chat client/server changes to support sub-rooms within the chat area, to better distribute the players in the same game room (which would hopefully avoid some usual player conflicts), and also allow players to not chat (if they don’t want to)… all changes are now in effect
– cleaned up a couple of chat server codes, to combine common functions
– removed the Uncensored room in all 3 games, as all chat rooms now have an Uncensored area
– lowered the game requirements in the upper-level 75-ball bingo rooms
– re-organized all the Spin-A-Bingo rooms, generally the timers are now faster, minimum jackpots have been decreased or increased (depending on room), also removed some redundant game rooms and added a few new Masters rooms instead… all changes were done to better distribute the players according to current stats levels
– all game/chat room servers have been re-organized for better load distribution on all the available physical server machines