Server Migration: Phase 2 Complete

March 22nd, 2009: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 5:57 pm

All server migrations have now been completed. IP propagation may take an hour or so to take effect, but if you are reading this post, it means you are now viewing the site on the new servers.

I will be monitoring things in the next couple of hours to see if there will be new issues, but so far, things are working fine already. Game servers were moved first, then the rest of all the site elements followed. Things were generally smooth going, until I made the switch for the web site itself. I pointed it to the wrong location! This made the site go in an endless loop, not showing the site contents at all.

It was really a major lapse on my end. I made all known precautionary measures, in fact almost all potential errors have already been detected prior to the big switch. And then I made a “simple” typing mistake (entering the wrong IP address, which is basically just a set of numbers)! Ouch. The site may have been down for around 45 minutes to some people, while those who are already playing when I made the error should not have been affected. Anyway, things are all back to normal now.

The 2 new servers have faster CPUs as well. This should be helpful, since I noticed (while migrating things over) that I can actually get the old servers to slow down a lot just by accessing some administrative reports.

Overall, the entire site is now hosted on just 3 dedicated servers (instead of 4). I got rid of 1 server, partly to save on monthly costs, so I just distributed its load to the rest of the 3 servers. One server got RAM upgrade, while the other 2 are new servers with significantly faster CPUs.

I had to allot a significant amount of time working on the migration this month. I’m just glad that it is now fully completed! Now I can relax a bit…

UPDATE: 6 hours after the big “switch”…

Upon further inspection, I realized that the 2 new servers (with new CPUs) aren’t running optimally. Basically, the CPU speed is adjusted dynamically, depending on the server load. However, it appears to be ALWAYS running at the minimum speed. I do not feel very comfortable that way, so I have made some adjustments to make sure the CPU minimum speed setting is set somewhere in the middle, to give things a speed bump (and at the same time, not take chances of overheating, if it’s set to maximum speed all the time).

I’ve also noticed some minor e-mail issues which have been corrected now. I have uninstalled some unnecessary services on the main server as well. So far, I am not seeing any other problem, although I am still monitoring the servers for any unusual occurences.