Game Server Update

March 25th, 2009: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 2:00 pm

During the server migrations, I have updated the database driver, and it is now causing some mysql errors (in a few specific instances) that were not happening in the previous driver version. This caused some of the automated detection scripts that I did to incorrectly flag that a game server needed to be restarted, because of these mysql “errors”. End result is that sometimes, a game server will be auto-restarted, when it’s not really necessary.

I have just made a fix to prevent this from happening, so only valid game server restarts will occur. The fix will take effect in about 2-3 hours, just in time for the scheduled daily restarts of the game servers. I will monitor everything afterwards, to see if the fix works as expected.

Migration Update: it’s been 3 days, and the new servers have so far been stable. I have also been turning off a few more unnecessary services on the new servers, to make things more efficient. I will continue fine-tuning things as the need arises. One other good thing coming out from this migration (despite the sudden additional work it required on my part) is that I have learned a couple of new things again.

Two of the old servers will already be taken offline tomorrow. The other old server will be migrated on Thursday (with RAM upgrade), however that is not being used in production anymore, it’s basically just a server for testing purposes now. I’m keeping it until the next billing cycle only.

So far, the 3-server setup has been doing great, so that means starting next month, it will be a little cheaper for me to maintain this site. At least there are some positive things to come out from this migration that my hosting provider forced to all its clients.