Power Outage

June 21st, 2009: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 7:59 am

There was a power outage at my dedicated server host provider. They have fixed the problem, although they are still investigating the cause of this.

Unfortunately, when my servers became available again, the one holding the player database was having connection issues when it came back up. I have written maintenance scripts to successfully recover from such situations, but this one is something new, and the overall setup was not able to correct itself automatically. I was asleep when the incident happened, and it’s a good thing my phone alerted me of the problem (though a bit late already, for some reason it has been delayed as well).

Total downtime is about 1 and 1/2 hours. I am still monitoring things to make sure that everything is back to normal.

Thanks to those who have e-mailed about the database error. My apologies for the game interruptions.