E-Mail Delivery Issues

March 18th, 2011: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 4:19 pm

Recently, I’ve noticed that more players are reporting that they are not receiving their registration codes via e-mail. Upon further investigation, it looks like the problem started last March 3, or 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, it’s only now that the problem is being resolved.

Microsoft has apparently blocked my server from sending e-mails to any of their e-mail systems, due to suspected spam. E-mails are not just being flagged as potential spam, all e-mails are being rejected outright. I got in touch with them 2 days ago, and they have now corrected the issue, however it might still take 24-48 hours to have the fix propagated across all their systems worldwide.

So to anyone who has a Microsoft hosted email account (Hotmail, MSN, Live), from any country or region, and you are still waiting for your registration code, please request to have your code re-sent again.

I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused some players, especially to the new ones who thought I have been ignoring their registration code inquiries, when in fact I was unable to send them ANY e-mail at all. Anyway, the bounced e-mails are getting lesser now, so hopefully the problem has been fully resolved.

Please note: this doesn’t guarantee e-mail delivery to your Inbox 100%. I still suggest that you put HeyBingo.com’s support e-mail in your Safe List or Contact List prior to requesting for the code. This way, the e-mail will have better chances of getting delivered to your Inbox, instead of your Spam folder. This tip also applies to non-Microsoft e-mail users.