Flash Policy Server

March 31st, 2011: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 10:12 pm

My latest project has a dedicated Flash policy server. Basically, this speeds up the initial connection to the bingo game servers. The good news is this is also usable on HeyBingo. The changes have been live in half of all the bingo rooms yesterday for initial tests. Today, all the rooms now benefit from it.

For quite some time now, some players are reporting that they are always having issues connecting to the bingo games. Everyday, the games do get interrupted once a day, a scheduled automatic daily maintenance, however this should only take a few seconds. Other than this very brief scheduled down time (and the monthly maintenance which takes a bit longer), the games should be accessible all the time.

There are other potential reasons why some players are always getting errors that the bingo games can’t connect to the servers (e.g. firewall settings). However, most of the reports come from players who are just having a hard time getting through, like it takes a lot of retries before the games connect successfully to the game servers.

Without a policy server, there is really at least a 3-second delay before the bingo games can confirm a successful connection (a Flash security thing). I am guessing that because of this 3-second delay, the connection of some players may be timing out improperly, hence the reported inability to connect to the game servers. I am hoping that the recent changes will minimize, if not completely solve, this particular problem.