What’s New

October 6th, 2004: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 3:47 pm

– changed removal routines when players leave the room, possible deadlock scenario when many players are leaving at once… which is the case when jackpot has just been won and most “uncooperative” players switch rooms
– ping players and call resource free-up codes more often
– check if a bingo room has not played a game in the last 45 minutes (which means there is a problem somewhere), and auto-restart as necessary… this issue has not occured anymore, but added the check as an additional safeguard
– added a feature to search for online players (Friends page)
– new page to show status of each friend in the list (show what room if online, last sign-in if offline)

Game Server crash status:
It has been significantly better, although still not 100% perfect… getting there (I hope).