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October 14th, 2004: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 9:20 pm

Well this is my first post in the Personal section, and it’s not even a good one 🙁

Everyday when I check my mail, I get more and more complaints, and it’s not fun… considering that I don’t even have enough time reading e-mails from players that really need help.

On one end, there is this set of players who jump from room to room after JP has been won, and this upsets a lot of players (and can actually freeze a room, though I’ve been trying to fix this). On the other end, there is this set of players who, intentionally or unintentionally, are driving other players away from a particular room because of smiley usage that they think is fun. However, this not only drives away the room jumpers, but also new players who happen to just moved up to a higher level. Naturally, the newbies in the room don’t know the “rules”, and they end up feeling not welcomed.

What these players don’t know is that they are all complaining about each other, and if I start banning players just based on complaints, probably no one will be left playing on the site!

It’s a shame, and I honestly don’t know what to do. Sometimes I feel like I am babysitting a bunch of grown-up kids, if there’s such a term 🙁 Whatever I do (or don’t do), a group of players will surely not like it. I can’t please everyone, and probably I can never please any one of them.

Soon another smiley will probably be objectionable to another group of players (and probably rightfully so), or another group won’t like that I removed some smileys, so it got me thinking if I should just remove all the smileys altogether. Then they will probably find an entirely new issue to disagree with anyway.

One day, if I have to shut down the site (hopefully not!), all these players will probably even hate me, and not one of them will even thank me for putting up the site in the first place. I guess that’s life 🙁

On a good note… it’s my mom’s birthday today, so happy birthday mom!!! She won’t be reading this of course, since she doesn’t go online or even just use the computer, but I wanted to greet her on the Internet anyway LOL 🙂 Now if only she plays bingo…