What’s New

October 29th, 2004: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 4:16 pm

– several game server code changes, to hopefully make it more stable (though I still notice some remaining issues)
– when any player in a game is already 1 to go, don’t allow new purchases to be made already. I think this is a good compromise so that:
(a) incoming players still don’t wait too long to join a game, although this does increase wait time in some instances (but mostly only upon initial entry)
(b) players already in the game won’t complain as much that late buyers are still allowed to join the current game (and “unfairly” get a chance to win it too). This might also actually address 1 or 2 issues in my list, I’ll see in the next few days…
– preliminary concepts for a new bingo theme (as an option for higher-level players), as well as some additional game/chat features
– minor blog format updates, including a display bug fix (affecting IE users only)