What’s New

November 11th, 2004: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 3:26 pm

– optimized main machine, apparently some unneeded applications (w/c may be due to my recent software updates) are running in the background and taking up additonal resources
– looks like the sign-in bug is fixed (where the game area continues to ask you to sign-in even if you have already successfully logged-in from the chat). not sure if this is because of the JDK upgrade, or my recent code changes, but so far I haven’t encountered this issue anymore. hopefully it’s really fixed for good, as it’s one of the major issues I’ve been tracking for awhile now.
– ignore feature is now working, although i am still testing this. it’s only accessible via chat right now. i will improve this later so that there is an easier way to accomplish this and manage the list w/o having to type the player’s name manually.

Available chat commands:
1. To ignore a player (you won’t see ANY chat text from this player in ANY game room):
/mute PlayerName

2. To remove a player from your ignore list:
/unmute PlayerName

For example, to ignore me (as if you even see me chatting at all ;-)) type:
/mute Alex

Just type the command in the chat box, like a normal chat text. Make sure you put a space between the command and the player’s name (which must be correctly spelled). The server will acknowledge if the command was successful or not.

This will hopefully lessen a set of player complaints about certain players becoming annoying/rude in the chat.

The alternative commands are:
/ignore PlayerName
/unignore PlayerName