What’s New

November 18th, 2004: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 3:11 pm

– added code to detect duplicate patterns (apparently, my previous check doesn’t cover all possibilities, although I only detected one duplicate in the last set)
– added a lot of new patterns, there’s about 225 available patterns now (previously 108 only I think). only 150 patterns are active at a time though, randomly selected from the pool. this means each game room will play a different set of patterns, and the set of pattern will also be changing (approx every 12 hrs when the game servers are auto-restarted as part of current maintenance)
– added codes to determine a pattern’s complexity, and rate it accordingly (e.g. is it a quick game, a long game, or something in between)
– better distribution of patterns, according to its difficulty rating. this means that (1) games with normal difficulty will be played more (2) the really long games are now (a bit) limited, and spaced out more evenly (3) a fast game will be played every 6 games or so. i’m sure the ranking/selection isn’t perfect, but this should still be better than before (ie patterns are just randomly shuffled)
– some general changes in ad delivery
– changed pot/JP split percentages, depending on the pattern difficulty, so fast games will now contribute more to the JP. this means (1) JP will now increase a bit faster than before (2) given the same # of players and cards in play, longer games will get bigger pots than fast games
– moved some game configs to a file, for easier maintenance