Server Problems

December 18th, 2004: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 8:59 pm

There was a major site problem last Dec 15th. My main server crashed, and unfortunately it seemed like the server was beyond repair already. There were (what appeared to be) hardware-related issues that made the server very unstable, it won’t even boot up properly so it’s pretty much useless. Instead of trying to repair it, I decided to just get an entirely new machine.

Luckily, I was still able to recover the entire database, so I did not really lose any valuable data. However, this still resulted to the entire site becoming inaccessible for a couple of hours, until it was moved to a temporary machine. The games were also not playable for 3 days because my back-up server will not be able to handle all the load.

Today I got the new server, and thankfully, I did not have major problems setting up and restoring everything. So within a few hours the games were running again. I’m also thankful that most of the players came back immediately.

I am still monitoring the new machine, but so far it is stable and performs much better than the previous server it replaced. I’m just glad the site is now fully back online again…