What’s New

March 28th, 2005: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 5:07 pm

– A LOT of changes in the bingo game server, to accomodate new slingo game which shares many similar functions (this affected major code areas like card allocation, rewrite of player objects etc)
– made significant progress in the slingo game
– stricter game idle checks (now game-based, instead of time-based), also catch a previously undetected case
– object clean-up done faster than before, also fix minor areas not being cleaned-up properly
– fixed chat server bug of not being able to remove/tag all unused player objects properly (previously detecting only the first object found)
– make sure duplicate names in chat (which sometimes happen due to player connectivity issues) are no longer shown, even if some objects may be cleaned-up at a later scheduled time instead
– reorganized player object garbage colletion, this might also help fix some current issues that can stall the server (chat in particular) during certain events
– new bingo game client build, minor change in some packet formats when buying cards and also some general class changes required to support the slingo game