What’s New

September 15th, 2004: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 12:44 am

– new site header and footer, updated site templates too
– added some initial contents to the Help section
– referred players will now show up properly in the Friends page (still need to add actual status)
– show newest members and best players in the front page
– changed the way screen names can be updated
– added Best Player lists, also show in actual game
– fixed a gamelogin page bug (no target id)
– fixed a loophole in referrals
– capture system stats
– additional security measures for players trying to open multiple accounts
– fixed chat not remembering sign-in settings properly
– added some chat owner-specific features
– added capability for game clients to send messages to the chat client, effectively creating server-to-server communication as necessary (e.g. announcement of bingo winners in chat, note: this doesn’t work when the player is already offline though)
– added basic Flash version check within the site header