Bonus System

September 7th, 2005: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 12:51 am

Ok, now I find myself in the middle of an issue again. Some players have been upset that I even introduced the bonus system, and they want it removed or reset to zero after every win. They say the game is giving undue advantage to players who can play for longer hours. In short, they want something where everyone can have the same chances of winning, whether they play for 10 hours or 10 minutes. I decided to cut the bonus in half after a win, as a compromise, instead of resetting it to zero. Unfortunately, this is still unacceptable to players who are in favor of the bonus system.

Another downside of the old non-decreasing bonus, is that some rooms are really not that full, especially at hours when there isn’t a lot of players. There has even been some instances, when there is only 1 player in the room, so that 1 player can get 10,000+ pts easily for EACH game, until a few more players join the room. Ok, I know these are just useless points, but it’s something that some players feel is still unfair. When they see the same players in the Top Winners list, mostly because of the 10,000pts bonus, they sometimes think I am favoring some players to win more than the others (oh, I am getting used to getting all the blame ;-))

So what am I to do? Obviously, I can not please everyone, but I want to find some middle ground that may be acceptable to most of the players. Right now, I am thinking of removing the halving of points after a win, and instead lower the point increment to say 10-25 points per game. This somehow makes sure that the pot/jackpot is not so small compared to the personal bonus, and gives casual players a chance to still win big. This also guarantees that the bonus will never decrease, like before, but this will make it harder to reach the 10,000 max bonus. Or should I even lower the max bonus to e.g. 5,000?

If you have other ideas, please send me an e-mail. As you guys probably know by now, I am unable to respond to each e-mail I receive, but I do read ALL of it. So if you can come up with something how to make everyone happy, let me know. I would rather hear useful suggestions, than the usual “hey alex you’re stupid for doing this or that” e-mail ;-). After hearing some ideas, I will come up with something, which will hopefully be acceptable to most of you.

btw, those who are asking when the slingo game will be launched, I expect within 7 days or so 🙂