What’s New

September 7th, 2005: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 4:07 pm

– removed the bonus “halving”, and instead place a fixed 25pt increment per consecutive game bonus. The max remains at 10,000 pts. I am sure some players will STILL complain and not be satisfied with this, but this is the best compromise I can offer at this time. I *might* increase the bonus increment for higher-level players in the future, but this will likely be not anytime soon. I really need to work on other things first. The new bonus will take effect in all the rooms later today
– fixed some inconsistencies with level/room checkings
– a couple more changes for the slingo-like game, getting ready to test it on the production servers soon. The game will now be officially called Spin-A-Bingo. The game’s page (with screenshot) will also be posted today, but will be temporarily closed until I feel confident enough that the game is ready for some limited public testing