What’s New

September 21st, 2005: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 4:55 pm

– fixed a buy-event bug in Spin-A-Bingo game, also temporarily disabled jackpot until I figure out a better system to replace it (full card is too hard to get per player, but also occurs frequently as a whole with enough players in the room using the current odds)
– opened more Spin-A-Bingo rooms
– added a way for the game clients to internally log some potential game bugs
– LOTS of changes for the implementation of “real” player levels. this is currently for internal use only (players don’t see their actual levels yet), until I find a way to make this easier for players to understand. basically, player levels will cover the following:
1. if you are already able to buy e.g. 36 cards in bingo, you will be able to buy 36 cards in ANY room, including the lower level rooms if you wish to play there with your friends (since some of them may be new players and don’t have access to the higher-level rooms yet)
2. if you already have e.g. 60 smileys in your chat icon list, you will have access to ALL 60 smileys in ANY room, including lower level rooms, as well as when playing another game like Spin-A-Bingo. this means some icons can now be sent only if you have them in your list (other players won’t be able to access some higher-level icons, even if they know the smiley tags)
3. your bonus increment and maximum bonus will be carried over to any new game, or even when playing in lower-level rooms

Looking ahead, badges and other chat icons will be given (and can be “bought” with points) as player level increases… but this will still require a lot of work. For now, I am just laying out the groundwork to make all these things happen.