What’s New

September 26th, 2005: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 3:10 pm

– added more Spin-A-Bingo rooms, since I am now allowing a lot more players to beta-test the game
– merged/removed some bingo rooms, I know this will (again) create some complaints, but I really have to do some player balancing. One room takes up a significant amount of server resources, so I really have to cut down on those bingo rooms which do not have enough players anymore (especially because many more are now playing Spin-A-Bingo instead). This way, the machine will not be overloaded (and crashes can be prevented). This should also result to bigger jackpots, since there will actually be more players in the room contributing to the pot/jackpot.

A few players in the higher-level rooms have asked why I did not cut down the rooms in the lower level rooms. Well I actually removed 7 rooms there already, but the cuts have been spread over a couple of days so they hardly noticed it. The new ranges reflect better distribution of players among all the rooms, based on CURRENT bingo game stats of ALL the players right now.

I just ordered a new computer again, in anticipation of more players coming in when Spin-A-Bingo goes out of beta, so I can also better distribute all the load. It will also serve as a back-up machine in case something goes wrong again with one of the main servers. I’d rather spend more money than risk the stability of the site and the games. Hopefully it will be worth it.

Lastly, those who are asking why their Spin-A-Bingo games are not being added to their bingo game totals, there is a SEPARATE Spin-A-Bingo game count but it is not seen in your Profiles yet. I am still working on this so you can see all your totals for each game, as well as being able to view other players’ game stats. Lots of things to do…