What’s New

September 8th, 2004: Filed under  by Alexander Catapang @ 9:07 pm

– moved blog pages to use WordPress instead
– added page navigation at the bottom of each page (footer)
– added Profile page, where players can edit all their account and personal information
– added Friends page, where players can invite other players to join (more features still need to be added to this page)
– added Help page, this still needs some actual contents
– bingo game will now allow first-time registrants to play immediately (for one session only), without confirming their registration codes first
– added sessions tracking, so players only need to sign-in once per game session
– fixed smileys in chat that do not properly show at the right places
– fixed Flash cross-domain issue resulting to the bingo game and chat unable to connect to the game servers sometimes
– other minor revisions to the bingo game, chat client, and the game servers