BINGO Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Where is the BINGO button, how do I call a BINGO?
A. The game will auto-detect when you have a bingo, so it will be called for you automatically when you have a winning card. This works even if you don't have auto-dab on.

Q: Can I auto-dab my bingo cards?
A: YES. While auto-dab is disabled by default, you can turn it on anytime. Just click the OPTIONS button in the game.

Q. What does auto-sort mean?
A. The game will detect the cards closest to winning a bingo (e.g. 3tg, 2tg). When auto-sort is enabled, the best cards will always be in front, sorted after each call.

Q. On some cards, I see a heart with a number beside it, what does it mean?
A. The number indicates how close that card is from getting a bingo. For example, if you see a 3 beside the heart, it means that particular card only needs 3 numbers more to get a bingo (3tg).

Q. How can I buy more than 12 cards?
A. The ability to play more cards is a privilege given to players who play the most on the site. As you play more bingo games, your player level will increase and you can play more cards as well. The max # of cards can be played in ANY bingo room.

# of Bingo GamesMax Cards Playable
Less than 10012 cards
100+ games18 cards
400+ games24 cards
700+ games30 cards
4,000+ games36 cards

Q. I only see 6 cards even if I always buy more than 6?
A. The game only shows you 6 cards in view at a time, as not all your cards can fit in the game screen. To view your other card sets, please click the buttons found in the middle of the screen, which look like this:
Bingo Card Selectors

Q. How is the Bingo Pot determined?
A. The total cost of all cards bought in the game will be totaled. From this total, a small percentage is added to the Jackpot, the rest will be added to the minimum Bingo Pot. Each room has a varying minimum pot/jackpot.

Q. How does the Jackpot work? What do the winning balls mean?
A. The jackpot amount increases after each game (see above). There will be 3 balls displayed as the Winning Balls for each new game. If the last number called is any of these 3 balls, you will win the jackpot amount in addition to the Bingo Pot, and the jackpot is reset to the mininum amount for the next game. If the jackpot is not won, it continues to increase until somebody wins it. Higher level rooms have a higher minimum jackpot.

Q. What happens when there is more than 1 winning card?
A. The pot AND jackpot will be distributed evenly to each winning card.
Example 1: The pot is 100 points, Player A has 1 winning card, and Player B has 1 winning card. 100 points divided by 2 winning cards equals 50 points. Player A and Player B will each receive 50 points.

Example 2:The pot is 90 points, Player A has 1 winning card, while Player B has 2 winning cards. 90 points divided by 3 winning cards equals 30 points. Player A will receive 30 points, while Player B will receive 60 points because he has 2 winning cards.

Q. What happens when I get disconnected in the middle of a game and I have cards in play?
A. If you come back before the game is over, you will be issued the SAME cards so you can continue playing. Points will NOT be deducted again. Your cards will be pre-dabbed so you can catch up. If you don't come back in time for the same game, the server will play your cards for you, so you may still win that game and get additional credits.

Q. Why is the game not calling some of the balls?
A. To save time, if the winning pattern does not need certain columns, numbers appearing in that column will no longer be called. For example, when playing the pattern Diagonal Corners (two 4-packs at opposite sides), the pattern does not need the N numbers to complete it, so the N numbers (31-45) will not be called anymore.

Q. I don't like the caller, can I change it?
A. You can turn it off in the Options screen, but there are only 2 callers available right now. The default is a female caller, the male caller is contributed by a player. If you would like to contribute your own voice, please contact support to get some details. I am not able to give you any compensation, but your voice can of course be heard by all the players. I can also credit you additional points if you wish.

Q. How can someone win the game, yet his/her name doesn't show in chat?
A. Rest assured there are no "ghost" players here. This can occur in 2 situations:
1. The player bought cards, and then got disconnected or logged out before the game is over. The game server will check all purchased cards, so even if you were not able to complete the game, you may still win (only for that game of course).
2. The player is new and still waiting to validate his registration. New players are allowed to purchase cards immediately, but they can not chat until they confirm their registration so their names don't appear in the chat yet.

Q. I've been playing for hours and days on end, but I still haven't won a lot. Or the same players are winning all the time. Is this game rigged?
A. Not at all, you are all playing for free points only so I won't get rich by rigging the game. ;-) Bingo is a game of chance, so everyone has the same chances of winning. You can try playing more cards if you wish, to increase your chances of winning somehow, but this is still NOT a guarantee to win.

Many players like playing in busy rooms because of bigger pots. What they don't realize is if e.g. there are 50 players in the room, they only have a 2% chance of winning the game (assuming everyone plays the same number of cards). There are many rooms available if you think you are not lucky in your current room. The less players there are in the room, the more chances you have of winning (less competition).

Bingo cards and bingo calls are all done at random. No one (including me) has any control of it. Some players are also just luckier than others, as it is in real bingo halls.