GENERAL / CHAT Frequently Asked Questions

Other available links: Bingo FAQ | Spin-A-Bingo FAQ

Q. How much does it cost to play?
A. Nothing. This is a FREE bingo site.

Q. I don't have any game points left, can I still play?
A. YES. There is a link in the home page to get more points automatically whenever you run out of game points. Or you can click HERE.

Q. I am still waiting for my registration code, what can I do?
A. Please read these guidelines.

Q. Does the site offer prizes or raffles?
A. NO. It may be considered in the future, but there are no guarantees. Sometimes, I do run monthly Prize Drawings for bonus credits at some sponsor sites, however this is still NOT a regular event.

Note that is just a personal web site of mine (the site owner), done at my own spare time only. The site is more like a repository of all my game projects. It is not managed by any company, and it is actually a one-man effort, so the site is not really commercial in nature.

Q. What can I do with my points then?
A. At the moment, you use it to buy cards or play a game only. In the future, you can use your points to e.g. get more chat icons, badges, clothes/accessories for your on-screen avatar etc. However, this is still a work in progress.

When available, you can also use your points to enter Prize Drawings at some sponsor sites. However, as mentioned above, this is still NOT a regular event.

Q. Why isn't there an ALL-CAPS chat room?
You can chat in ALL-CAPS from ANY game room. Just have your CAPS-LOCK key turned on, and all your outgoing and incoming chat text will be auto-capitalized, without affecting the chat text of the other players in the room. You need to type at least 1 line of text before the setting takes effect.

Q. Is there any way to mute or ignore the chat of rude/offensive players?
A. YES. Just type the following in chat:
/mute PlayerName

Replace PlayerName with the screen name of the player you wish to ignore, then press ENTER. Don't forget the forward slash before the command. To unmute a player, type:
/unmute PlayerName

Q. How can I get more chat icons/smileys?
A. As you play more games, you will have access to more chat icons. This is a privilege given to players who play a lot on the site. The table below lists how many chat icons are available to you depending on your game level. The game count is the combined total of your Bingo AND Spin-A-Bingo games. You will have access to the same icons from ANY room of either game.

# of Combined Games# of Chat Icons
Less than 5020 icons
50+ games30 icons
1,500+ games40 icons
5,000+ games50 icons
15,000+ games60 icons

Q. How do I get bonus points? How come other players get higher bonuses?
Bonus points are given for playing consecutive games, and only if you win the game. Click HERE to see the complete rules. The table below lists your bonus increment and maximum bonus depending on your game level. The game count is the combined total of your Bingo AND Spin-A-Bingo games. You will have the same bonus levels from ANY room of either game.

# of Combined GamesBonus IncrementMaximum Bonus
Less than 5000
50+ games30 pts/game4,500 pts
1,500+ games35 pts/game5,000 pts
4,000+ games40 pts/game6,000 pts

Q. How can someone win the game, yet his/her name doesn't show in chat?
A. Rest assured there are no "ghost" players here. This can occur in 2 situations:
1. The player bought cards, and then got disconnected or logged out before the game is over. The game server will check all purchased cards, so even if you were not able to complete the game, you may still win (only for that game of course).
2. The player is new and still waiting to validate his registration. New players are allowed to purchase cards immediately, but they can not chat until they confirm their registration so their names don't appear in the chat yet.

Q. My chat seems to be clearing itself after some time?
A. When your chat history reaches 400 lines, all previous lines will be cleared. Too many text can slow down your chat, so this is done automatically to help speed up your chatting.

Q. Why are you not answering my email? Why do you still have a contact info if you don't respond anyway?
A. Due to the volume of email I receive, I am sorry but it is really impossible for me to respond to each and every email that I receive. If I do that, I will likely spend my whole day answering emails (majority of it are complaints about other players), and I won't be able to do any other productive thing. ;-)

Having said that, it doesn't mean that I am just ignoring all your emails. I do read ALL emails that I receive, and when I have time, I also respond to a few (but please don't feel bad if your email has not been answered). Rest assured that ALL your reported game issues, comments, suggestions etc are being noted, and it will be put into consideration. Many of the changes I am doing on the site are actually from the player feedbacks that I am receiving.