SPIN-A-BINGO Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. My spinners take a long time to spin, even if I have a very fast computer. Why don't you fix it, or is there anything I can do?
A. More than the processing speed of your computer, Spin-A-Bingo requires a stable AND fast Internet connection, which is more important. Unfortunately, your connection to our game servers may not be stable enough. The spinners will continue spinning until the game receives data from the game servers.

Most of the times, you don't notice if your connection is having intermittent problems. However for a real-time game like Spin-A-Bingo requiring constant server communications, even just 1 second of connection disruption can affect the game flow. Even if you are on a DSL/cable connection, there will be times when your connection to our game servers may be erratic.

If you get stuck while playing, you can press F5 or force your game window to refresh, and you will be able to continue your game. You will get the same cards, and you will be repeating your last spin (because the server did not receive your last dabs data). You will not lose spins or game scores.

If your spinners ALWAYS take a long time to finish though, this is a good indication that you are having connection issues to our game servers. I suggest you play in the Relaxed rooms, as these rooms give you more time to complete all the spins, which helps if you are resuming a game. Playing in another room may also help sometimes (since not all rooms are located in the same servers).

However, if the game continues to be unplayable for you at all times, I am sorry but you may really be better off playing the regular bingo games instead.

Q. Where can I find the complete game rules?
A. Cick HERE for more info about Spin-A-Bingo, including the scoring details.

Q. I don't seem to be getting high scores compared to the other players?
A. Spin-A-Bingo is a combination of bingo and slots. Like bingo, your cards play an important role in the game. Like slots, your luck depends on what numbers you get from the spinners. However, Spin-A-Bingo is also partly dependent on your skills. One player, given the same cards and spinner numbers, can play the same game differently.

How you use the Free Square and Free Column icons will significantly affect the outcome of your game. As a general tip, you should try forming the pattern first, because that gives you additional scores. Forming lines along the way will also be important.

To get a FULL card, it helps to concentrate on just 1 card, picking the one that has the most number of dabs already. You have a limited number of spins and dabs, so if you are just dabbing anywhere without a goal, you will likely not ever form a full card. Also, depending on the pattern, sometimes it might make more sense to form more patterns (from 2-4 cards) instead of getting just 1 full card.

Q. How is the Game Pot determined?
A. The total cost of all cards bought in the game will be totaled. From this total, a small percentage is added to the Jackpot, the rest will be added to the minimum Game Pot. Each room has a varying minimum pot/jackpot. Top 3 players at the end of the game will get a share of the Pot. Please read the Spin-A-Bingo Game Rules for more details.

Q. How does the Jackpot work? How do I win the jackpot?
A. The jackpot amount increases after each game (see above). If your final score at the end of the game is at least 3,500 AND your final game rank is in the Top 3, you will win the jackpot amount in addition to the Game Pot, and the jackpot is reset to the mininum amount for the next game. If the jackpot is not won, it continues to increase until somebody wins it. Higher level rooms have a higher minimum jackpot.

Q. How can someone win the game, yet his/her name doesn't show in chat?
A. Rest assured there are no "ghost" players here. This can occur in 2 situations:
1. The player bought cards, and then got disconnected or logged out before the game is over. The game server will check all purchased cards, so even if the game is not completed, if the final score is still the highest at the end of the game, the player may still win.
2. The player is new and still waiting to validate his registration. New players are allowed to purchase cards immediately, but they can not chat until they confirm their registration so their names don't appear in the chat yet.