Please help keep HeyBingo running! Your donations will help cover the monthly expenses involved in maintaining and developing the HeyBingo site further, especially the new non-Flash games moving forward.


NEW HeyBingo games are now available for beta testing... Flash not required!

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90-Ball Bingo Coming Soon

Wondering how the jackpot works? Here are the Jackpot Rules.

ADVISORY: The OLD Flash games will be shut down on December 17, 2020.

Stats and game currencies for the NEW non-Flash games will also be RESET once the new web site is launched. WHY?

* More players = more winners! The number of winners varies.
* The games award increasing prizes depending on the number of players online.
* More rooms will be added later as more players join.
* Leaderboards/Top Players are already being tracked, it will be available for viewing once the new web site is available.

The new web site is still being rebuilt, more details about each game will be posted later. Please note that the games are still in beta testing. Changes may happen anytime. Some things are still missing:
  • 90-Ball Bingo game (almost done, but still need more tests)
  • Multiple rooms (and with varying time frames in Spin Bingo)
  • Chat inside the games
  • Dabber/tile/card variations
  • Play more than 4 cards in 75-ball bingo
  • New website, new leaderboards
  • ... etc
Those are still being worked on, among other new game features.

NOTE: With the old games, many players are having issues receiving their registration codes by e-mail. Now you can login using your existing Facebook account, and your game progress will be linked accordingly. No need to register or remember another set of username/password. No need for registration codes!

If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Why are the games being changed?
Browsers will stop supporting all Flash content by the end of the year. The HeyBingo games were made in Flash, which makes them unplayable once Flash support has ended. So the entire web site, the games and the servers that run everything in the background must be developed again from scratch.

The new games are now using the latest technology available, which makes them playable for more years to come. New game features are also being added, but they are not 100% compatible with the old format. Unfortunately, this also means:

  • Your game profile, balance, statistics etc from the old games can NOT be carried over to the new games. There's just too much work involved to still support this, and there are new game mechanics anyway (new balance system etc) that don't translate easily into the new setup.
  • A Facebook account is now required to login to the games. Registration via e-mail may still be added in the future, but this is not guaranteed, due to multiple e-mail issues in the past.
  • You may be so used to the old games, the old graphics, or how it works previously that you still prefer the old setup instead of the new one. Please give the new games a chance! Not everyone likes changes, but HeyBingo needs to keep up with the times.

Rest assured that all the changes being made are meant to make your HeyBingo experience more enjoyable. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming days!