What Are Bingo Calls / Bingo Nicknames?

Bingo calls or bingo nicknames were created to make it easier to clarify all the numbers on the bingo board, as each number is called during the game. Some numbers can sound the same, and players may misheard the numbers being called, especially from a distance away. The use of bingo nicknames for each number called greatly help in telling each number apart.

Some of these number nicknames date back many decades ago. While most bingo calls/nicknames are similar everywhere, some numbers vary depending on what region you are playing bingo.

90 Ball Bingo Calls / Bingo Nicknames - Complete List

Here's the complete list of bingo calls and bingo nicknames that HeyBingo uses in the 90 Ball Bingo game. It's a mixture of old and new nicknames.
1 – Kelly's Eye46 – Up to Tricks
2 – One Little Duck47 – Four and Seven
3 – Cup of Tea48 – Four Dozen
4 – Knock at the Door49 – PC
5 – Man Alive50 – Half a Century
6 – Little Mix51 – Tweak of the Thumb
7 – Lucky Seven52 – Danny La Rue
8 – Garden Gate53 – Here Comes Herbie
9 – Doctor’s Orders54 – Clean the Floor
10 – Downing Street55 – Snakes Alive
11 – Legs Eleven56 – Shotts Bus
12 – One Dozen57 – Heinz Varieties
13 – Unlucky for Some58 – Make them Wait
14 – Valentine's Day59 – Brighton Line
15 – Young and Keen60 – Five Dozen
16 – Sweet 1661 – Baker's Bun
17 – Dancing Queen62 – Turn the Screw
18 – Coming of Age63 – Tickle Me 63
19 – Goodbye Teens64 – Red Raw
20 – One Score65 – Old Age Pension
21 – Key of the Door66 – Clickety Click
22 – Two Little Ducks67 – Stairway to Heaven
23 – Thee and Me68 – Saving Grace
24 – Two Dozen69 – Either Way Up
25 – Midlife Crisis70 – Three Score and Ten
26 – Pick and Mix71 – Bang on the Drum
27 – Gateway to Heaven72 – Six Dozen
28 – Over Weight73 – Queen Bee
29 – Rise and Shine74 – Candy Store
30 – Dirty Gertie75 – Strive and Strive
31 – Get Up and Run76 – Trombones
32 – Buckle my Shoe77 – Sunset Strip
33 – Dirty Knee78 – Heaven's Gate
34 – Ask for More79 – One More Time
35 – Jump and Jive80 – Eight and Blank
36 – Three Dozen81 – Stop and Run
37 – More than Eleven82 – Straight on Through
38 – Christmas Cake83 – Time for Tea
39 – 39 steps84 – Seven Dozen
40 – Life Begins85 – Staying Alive
41 – Time for Fun86 – Between the Sticks
42 – Winnie the Pooh87 – Torquay in Devon
43 – Down on Your Knees88 – Two Fat Ladies
44 – Droopy Drawers89 – Nearly There
45 – Halfway There90 – Top of the Shop

90 Ball Bingo Calls / Bingo Nicknames and their Meanings

Many bingo calls have nicknames that just rhymes with their corresponding numbers.

1 – Kelly's Eye
Many think this is just a military slang, but it could also be a reference to Ned Kelly's helmet where the eye slot resembles the number 1. Ned Kelly is a famous Australian folk hero.

2 – One Little Duck
The shape of a duck looks like the number 2. Bingo players usually reply with a single 'Quack!'.

3 – Cup of Tea
Rhymes with number 3, and because the British are fond of tea.

4 – Knock at the Door
Rhymes with number 4

5 – Man Alive
Rhymes with number 5.

6 – Little Mix
Rhymes with number 6. Little Mix are a girl group formed in the British show The X Factor.

7 – Lucky Seven
This number is considered a lucky number in many cultures and religions. It's also used in casino slots, and the number 7 is supposed to bring good luck.

8 – Garden Gate
Rhymes with number 8. Some believe it refers to either a meeting point or alighting point for gang members.

9 – Doctor’s Orders
During World War II, Number 9 was the name of a laxative pill used by army doctors, given when no other remedy was deemed suitable.

10 – Downing Street
A reference to 10 Downing Street, where the current Prime Minister resides. Most bingo halls will use the last name of the Prime Minister.

11 – Legs Eleven
The two 1's resemble the shape of a pair of slender legs. Players will historically wolf whistle in reply to this number, but some bingo halls now view this practice as sexist.

12 – One Dozen
12 is equivalent to one dozen.

13 – Unlucky for Some
Many superstitious people believe this number is unlucky, although in some cultures it may actually be considered a lucky number.

14 – Valentine's Day
A reference to 14th of February, internationally known as Valentine's day, when lovers express their affection with greetings and gifts.

15 – Young and Keen
The number 15 rhymes with keen.

16 – Sweet 16
A reference to the song 'Sweet Sixteen and Never Been Kissed'. It's a significant birthday for most teenagers: not quite an adult yet, but not a child anymore either.

17 – Dancing Queen
Rhymes with number 17, and a reference to the hit song 'Dancing Queen', popularized by the Swedish group ABBA in 1976.

18 – Coming of Age
18 is when people in the UK officially become adults.

19 – Goodbye Teens
It's the last of teenager years!

20 – One Score
A reference to the game of darts where 20 units make one score.

21 – Key of the Door
21 was the traditional age of majority when you'd move out of your parents' house and have your own keys at your own place.

22 – Two Little Ducks
The shape of a duck looks like the number 2, so this is in reference to 2 ducks. Bingo players usually reply with 'Quack! Quack! Quack!'.

23 – Thee and Me
Rhymes with number 23.

24 – Two Dozen
24 is equivalent to two dozens: 2x12 = 24.

25 – Midlife Crisis
25 is traditionally the age when people experience what is known as the 'quarter-life crisis'. However, recent studies indicate that the more commonly known midlife crisis can actually begin as early as 25 years old.

26 – Pick and Mix
Rhymes with number 26.

27 – Gateway to Heaven
Rhymes with number 27.

28 – Over Weight
A reference to the shape and rhyme of the number 8.

29 – Rise and Shine
Rhymes with number 29.

30 – Dirty Gertie
Common rhyme derived from the name 'Gertrude', which is also used as a nickname for the statue La Delivrance installed in North London in 1927.

31 – Get Up and Run
Rhymes with number 31.

32 – Buckle my Shoe
Rhymes with number 32.

33 – Dirty Knee
Rhymes with number 33.

34 – Ask for More
Rhymes with number 34.

35 – Jump and Jive
A reference to the famous dance steps.

36 – Three Dozen
36 is equivalent to three dozens: 3x12 = 36.

37 – More than Eleven
Rhymes with number 37.

38 – Christmas Cake
A famous cockney rhyming slang phrase.

39 – 39 steps
A reference to the famous 1935 Alfred Hitchcock movie '39 Steps'.

40 – Life Begins
A reference to the famous saying 'Life Begins at 40', an age when a person ideally has the skills, experience, and means to truly enjoy life to its fullest.

41 – Time for Fun
Again referring to the 'Life Begins at 40' saying. Life has begun, so it's time for fun! Also rhymes with number 41.

42 – Winnie the Pooh
Rhymes with number 42, and a reference to the famous honey-loving bear.

43 – Down on Your Knees
Popular phrase from wartime soldiers dating back to wartime Britain.

44 – Droopy Drawers
Rhymes with number 4 and said to be a visual reference to sagging trousers.

45 – Halfway There
There are 90 balls in traditional British bingo, so this is halfway towards the complete 90 balls.

46 – Up to Tricks
Rhymes with number 46.

47 – Four and Seven
A reference to the two numbers that make up the number 47.

48 – Four Dozen
48 is equivalent to four dozens: 4x12 = 48.

49 – PC
A reference to the famous police constable solving cases from a 40's TV show called 'Adventures of P.C. 49'. Bingo players usually reply with 'Evening all'.

50 – Half a Century
A reference to 50 years, or half a century. A century is 100 years.

51 – Tweak of the Thumb
Rhymes with number 51.

52 – Danny La Rue
A reference to the famous drag performer Danny La Rue, an Irish cross-dressing singer and entertainer who rose to fame in the mid 40's.

53 – Here Comes Herbie
53 is the racing number of Herbie the VW Beetle, a car featured in a number of Walt Disney films in the 60's. Bingo players usually reply with 'Beep Beep!'.

54 – Clean the Floor
Rhymes with number 54.

55 – Snakes Alive
The shape of the two number 5's look similar to two snakes.

56 – Shotts Bus
A reference to the original number of the bus route from Glasgow to Shotts.

57 – Heinz Varieties
A reference to the number 57 found in the famous logo by the food company Heinz. The '57' is placed on the bottle neck as the best spot to tap in order to get sauce out quicker, and more efficiently.

58 – Make them Wait
Rhymes with number 58. Sometimes the bingo caller would pause, making the audience wait.

59 – Brighton Line
A person can travel 59 minutes by train from Brighton to London. Also a reference to the original telephone numbers in Brighton starting with 59.

60 – Five Dozen
60 is equivalent to five dozens: 5x12 = 60.

61 – Baker's Bun
Rhymes with number 61.

62 – Turn the Screw
Rhymes with number 62.

63 – Tickle Me 63
Rhymes with number 63.

64 – Red Raw
Rhymes with number 64.

65 – Old Age Pension
A reference to the former male British age of mandatory retirement, when a person was also formally able to collect pension.

66 – Clickety Click
Rhymes with number 66.

67 – Stairway to Heaven
Coined by Andrew 'CIP' Lavelle.

68 – Saving Grace
This could be linked to the hymn Amazing Grace, although it also rhymes with number 68.

69 – Either Way Up
Describing the opposite shapes of the numbers 6 and 9, where both numbers look the same upside down.

70 – Three Score and Ten
A reference to the game of darts where 20 units make one score, so 3 scores = 60 (and ten)!

71 – Bang on the Drum
Rhymes with number 71.

72 – Six Dozen
72 is equivalent to six dozens: 6x12 = 72.

73 – Queen Bee
Rhymes with number 73.

74 – Candy Store
Rhymes with number 74.

75 – Strive and Strive
Rhymes with number 75.

76 – Trombones
A reference to '76 Trombones', a popular marching song from the musical 'The Music Man'.

77 – Sunset Strip
A reference to the popular 60's TV show '77 Sunset Strip'. Bingo players usually sing in response.

78 – Heaven's Gate
7 meets the golden gate 8 creating Heaven's Gate.

79 – One More Time
Rhymes with number 79. Also a joke about the repetitive nature of bingo calling. Has nothing to do with Britney Spears!

80 – Eight and Blank
A reference to the numbers that make 80.

81 – Stop and Run
Rhymes with number 81.

82 – Straight on Through
Rhymes with number 82. Also an expression that means 'Keep on going'.

83 – Time for Tea
Rhymes with number 83. Another reference to the UK's favourite beverage.

84 – Seven Dozen
84 is equivalent to seven dozens: 7x12 = 84.

85 – Staying Alive
A reference to the famous Bee Gees hit song, from the film Saturday Night Fever.

86 – Between the Sticks
A reference to the position of a goalkeeper 'between the sticks' or goalposts.

87 – Torquay in Devon
Rhymes with number 87. Torquay is in the county of Devon, as opposed to other Devon's in the British Empire.

88 – Two Fat Ladies
A funny saying that pairs the shape of the double 8's with that of 'two fat ladies'. The number 88 is said to look like two fat ladies sitting next to each other.

89 – Nearly There
A reference to 89 being 1 away from 90, the end of the bingo numbers. Last number before the final ball in 90 ball bingo.

90 – Top of the Shop
90 is the highest (top) number in 90 ball bingo. Shop refers to the entire game of bingo.