Why donate to HeyBingo?

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HeyBingo is a one-man effort that started as a hobby project. The website (and all the games) are still being maintained and developed single-handedly up to this day, with no monetary support or assistance from any company.

HeyBingo has been providing FREE bingo games for several years now. The original website and the old games have been built using Flash. Unfortunately, Flash support ended in 2020. This means the entire HeyBingo website, as well as all the Flash bingo games, had to be rebuilt from scratch.

Your donations will help cover the expenses involved in keeping the site running. This includes monthly server expenses that host the HeyBingo website, as well as the game servers that run all the games online 24/7.

Development and maintenance take a lot of time and money. By donating to HeyBingo, you are helping the developer to keep the site alive and playable for hopefully more years to come.

Any amount of donation is appreciated!

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Is it safe to donate?

Click below to donate via PayPal.

Yes, your donation will be processed directly by PayPal, which has been processing online payment transactions securely for many years now. HeyBingo will NEVER have access to your sensitive financial information (like your credit card or bank account number).

Are there other ways to donate?

PayPal is the safest and easiest way to donate and show your support.

However, for the tech-savvy players, you can also donate cryptocurrency coins using the wallet addresses below.

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What do you get for donating?

If you enjoy the HeyBingo games, by donating, you are helping to keep the site running.

Also, as a token of appreciation, players with donations of at least $50 USD will have an EXCLUSIVE player frame (with a green border color) that's shown in the actual games. The green border frame will be activated in all currently available HeyBingo games.

If you have already donated, please send me an email at support@heybingo.com since the player frame needs to be set-up manually at this time. Please indicate the name and email address you used for the Paypal donation and allow up to 24 hours before game activation.

If you have any suggestion for new game features, changes etc, mention it in the email!

REMINDER: Please donate because you want to support HeyBingo. HeyBingo can not, and will not, guarantee that all requests made by donators will be worked on. Suggestions are being asked so it can be compiled for consideration only (e.g. see what features are most requested by donators).

What are being worked on at the moment?

A few of the MANY things that still need to be added:
Some existing game bugs that still need fixing.
Additional bingo callers.
Best players list: ability to view any month (not just the current month).
Best players list: lifetime game stats (since joining).
Best players list: fetch updated list without refreshing the entire page.
More comprehensive game information (complete rule explanations etc).
More chat room features.
Multiple chat rooms and game rooms.
Individual player profiles with detailed game statistics.
Dabber, card, tile variations.
Official Apple and Android HeyBingo apps (instead of playing from the website).