75 Ball Bingo: free bingo game, classic bingo 5x5 cards!

Classic bingo with 5x5 square cards.
Multiple bingo game patterns.
Jackpot prize on marked squares.

What Is 75 Ball Bingo (Classic)?

75 Ball Bingo is a game of chance played with randomly drawn balls which players match against the numbers on their 5x5 grid cards.

A total of up to 75 ball numbers will be called. As each ball is called, players mark the corresponding numbers on their cards as they try to form the winning game pattern.

How To Play 75 Ball Bingo

Each game has a corresponding bingo pattern. Players compete to be the first ones to form this game pattern.

The game does NOT necessarily end immediately when one player forms the bingo pattern though. HeyBingo allows multiple players to call a bingo. The same player can also call bingo on multiple cards. The number of bingos allowed is a percentage of the number of bingo cards in play. More participating players mean more bingos awarded as well.

Bingo Card

A bingo card is composed of 25 squares, arranged in 5 rows and 5 columns. The center square is a blank square (Free), while the other 24 numbers will be filled with random numbers.

Each card column can only contain the following numbers:
1B1 - 15
2I16 - 30
3N31 - 45
4G46 - 60
5O61 - 75
Each number on the card is unique. The game assigns random numbers and random cards to each player. The corresponding BINGO letters are announced with the numbers so it is easier for the player to match the called numbers on his own cards.

Bingo Pattern

Game patterns determine the winning formations of the game. As you dab numbers on your cards, the dabbed numbers must match the same formation as the current game pattern. When you form one of the game patterns, you can call bingo and win the game.

In the example pattern above, "Any Row" means you must dab the sequence of numbers in the same row. The game will show all possible pattern combinations in a sequence.


75 Ball Bingo features a progressive jackpot prize. The following rules apply:
Your rank is 1st place. This means you are the FIRST player to call a bingo.
The last ball called must be the jackpot number on your winning card.
There must be at least 3 participating players in the game to win the jackpot.
It's not enough that you dabbed the jackpot number. Your winning card's pattern must include the jackpot number.
NOTE: 2nd placer and lower are NOT eligible for the jackpot.

TIE BREAKER: In case there are multiple players to call bingo on the same ball, the player who pressed his bingo button first and called bingo ahead of others (as determined by the game server) will rank higher. So there are no ties. It pays to submit your bingo call as fast as you can!

General jackpot rules (applies to ALL HeyBingo games):
The BASE jackpot is 250/50 of game currencies.
The jackpot amount increases depending on the number of players in the game.
The maximum jackpot is 1500/150 of game currencies.
When a player wins the jackpot, the jackpot is reset to the BASE amount.
Guest players are NOT eligible to win the jackpot.