Spin Bingo: slots and bingo game combined!

Bingo? Slots? Both games combined.
Spin the wheel, dab the balls shown.
Get scores for lines, pattern & full card.

What Is Spin Bingo?

Spin Bingo is a unique combination of two popular traditional games: bingo and slots.

Gameplay is similar to 75 Ball Bingo where you are given cards consisting of 5x5 squares and you dab numbers on your cards by matching them with the called ball numbers.

However, Spin Bingo differs from traditional 75 Ball Bingo in the following ways:
Instead of calling one ball at a time, 5 ball numbers are spinned simultaneously from a slot-like wheel. Once the ball numbers stop spinning, you can dab matching numbers on your cards just like regular bingo.
Instead of a fixed ball number, sometimes the spin will stop on a joker ball which allow you to select any square to dab on your cards.
There are no free squares on the bingo cards. The center square contains any N random number just like a regular square.
All participating players compete to get the HIGHEST SCORE at the end of the game. The game does NOT end when any player forms the game pattern or completes a full card.
The game ends in two ways: (a) the total allotted game time has elapsed, or (b) ALL participating players have completed their spins ahead of the game timer.

How To Play Spin Bingo

Each time you dab a number on any of your cards, you will earn some points. You get additional points for forming lines, completing the current game pattern, or getting a full card (blackout). The objective of the game is to accumulate as much score as you can given the time frame and limited number of available spins. The highest scorers at the end of the game will win.

Players whose ranks are in the top 40% will get some prize rewards. The higher the rank, the better the prize rewards will be. More participating players also increase the overall prize rewards.

Below are the scores awarded:
Dab5Dab a square that is NOT a part of the game pattern.
Pattern Dab10Dab a square that is a part of the game pattern.
Line50 Form any vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line.
Total of 12 possible lines per card.
Pattern250+ Form the current game pattern. Obtainable once per bingo card.
Score = 250 + (Number of Spins left) x 8
Example: Spins Left = 5, the score will be:
250 + (5x8) = 250 + 40 = +290 added to your score
Full Card1000+ Form a full card (blackout). Obtainable once per bingo card.
Score = 1000 + (Number of Spins left) x 88
Example: Spins Left = 5, the score will be:
1000 + (5x88) = 1000 + 440 = +1440 added to your score
All participating players at the end of the game will be ranked according to their final scores.


Jokers allow you to dab any number on your card, which help you complete the formations you are aiming for. You can only use a joker to dab ONE number, but it can be used on ANY card.

There are 6 jokers in the game:
Mega JokerDab ANY square, on any card.
Column JokerDab ANY square from the B column, on any card.
B column numbers: 1-15
Column JokerDab ANY square from the I column, on any card.
I column numbers: 16-30
Column JokerDab ANY square from the N column, on any card.
N column numbers: 31-45
Column JokerDab ANY square from the G column, on any card.
G column numbers: 46-60
Column JokerDab ANY square from the O column, on any card.
O column numbers: 61-75
NOTE: You must use your jokers before you can take your next spin.


Spin Bingo features a progressive jackpot prize. The following rules apply:
Your final score is 3300 or higher.
Your rank is 1st place.
There must be at least 3 participating players in the game to win the jackpot.
NOTE: 2nd placer and lower are NOT eligible for the jackpot, even if the scores are more than 3300.

In case of similar scores among multiple players, who gets the higher rank is determined by the following:
The player with the higher number of spins left will get the higher rank.
If the number of spins left are also the same, the player who submitted their final score faster (as determined by the game server) will get the higher rank. It pays to finish the game as early as possible!
So there will be no ties, even if some players may have the same scores. The ranking of the players at the end of the game are deemed final, based on the tie breaker rules above.

General jackpot rules (applies to ALL HeyBingo games):
The BASE jackpot is 250/50 of game currencies.
The jackpot amount increases depending on the number of players in the game.
The maximum jackpot is 1500/150 of game currencies.
When a player wins the jackpot, the jackpot is reset to the BASE amount.
Guest players are NOT eligible to win the jackpot.

Tips and Strategies

How you use the jokers will significantly affect the outcome of your game. You should try using jokers on cards that will allow you to complete lines, pattern, or full card.
If you can not form a line, pattern or full card, make sure to use jokers on squares that form part of the game pattern. Also, use the joker on the card with the most dabs already.
Getting a pattern or a full card does NOT guarantee a win. However, your scores will be higher so you still have better chances of winning.
To form the game pattern or a full card, it helps to concentrate on just ONE card, picking the one that has the most number of dabs. You have a limited number of spins and dabs, so if you are just dabbing anywhere without a goal, you will find it more difficult to complete the game pattern or get a full card.
Depending on the bingo game pattern, sometimes it makes more sense to prioritize forming more patterns first (from more than 1 bingo card) instead of trying to get a full card from just 1 bingo card, especially if you don't have many spins left to use.