Spin Bingo: Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the old HeyBingo and Flash games?

The old website and the old HeyBingo Flash games are no longer supported.

How do I report an unruly or offensive player in chat?

Click on the player's name in the chat room, and you will have the option to report them. At the same time, this will automatically block that player from bothering you again in the future.

NOTE: Please use with care, as this can NOT be undone. Make sure you are reporting the correct player, so double check the name before reporting.

Is it ok to type messages in ALL-CAPS in the chat room?

Yes. Just make sure to enable ALL-CAPS in the chat options first. This will make all your incoming chat messages appear in ALL-CAPS, without having to disrupt the preference of other players, since some people consider typing in ALL-CAPS as rude or "shouting".

What are the game currencies?

There are currently 2 game currencies for each game on HeyBingo:
1. Coins - used to join a game
2. Fruits - used to enable Game Aids

NOTE: You have separate balances of game currencies for each game.

How can I get more game currencies?

First-time players are given an initial balance of game currencies. If you run out of game currencies, or you want to maximize it, you can get more through the following ways:
If you are still a Guest player, login via Facebook and you will get bonus game currencies immediately (among other benefits).
Win games! The games allow multiple players to win. Higher ranks get better rewards. More players in the game also increase the rewards.
Win the jackpot! The jackpots are progressive and will increase everytime it is not won.
Watch rewarded ads. Easiest way to gain more game currencies.
If the game detects you are low on game currency and your rewarded ad timers are still on cooldown, the game will sometimes give you free currency refills so you can still play.

What are rewarded video ads?

Rewarded video ads are short video clips that you can watch, and in return you will be given extra game currencies.

Low on game currencies (coins / fruits)? Rewarded ads let you recharge your game currencies, so you can play more games and enable Game Aids! You can watch rewarded ads every 15 minutes.

Why can't I view rewarded ads after some time? It says rewarded ads are limited?

Currently, there is a limit to the number of available rewarded ads available for everyone. Players who are low on game currencies will be given priority to watch rewarded ads.

If you have enough game currency, you will not be able to watch rewarded ads temporarily until your game currencies fall below the upper limits.

This is a temporary solution. Hopefully, in the future there will no longer be limits and you can watch rewarded ads as often as you like.

NOTE: The reward limits are separate for each game currency (coin and fruit). If one currency gives you the limit message when viewing rewarded ads, try the other one!

Why are the spinners taking a long time to spin?

Spin Bingo requires a STABLE Internet connection. Even if you have a fast internet connection or a fast device/computer, there are times when your connection to our game servers may be erratic (e.g. intermittent lag time). In such cases, the spinners will continue spinning until the game receives data from the game servers.

Most of the times, you won't notice if your connection is having intermittent problems. However for a real-time game like Spin Bingo which constantly communicate with the game servers, even just 1 second of connection disruption can affect the game flow.

If you get stuck while playing, you can exit the game then re-enter to force your game window to refresh. You will still be able to continue your ongoing game. You will get the same bingo cards, and you will be repeating your last spin (because the server did not receive your last dabs). You will not lose spins or game scores, but you have to come back before the game timer is over.

If your spinners ALWAYS take a long time to finish though, this is a good indication that you are having connection issues to our game servers. You can try playing again later, things may improve if you play another hour. If the game continues to be unplayable for you at all times, we are sorry but you may be better off playing the regular bingo games instead.

I don't seem to be getting high scores compared to the other players?

Spin Bingo is a combination of bingo and slots. Like bingo, your cards play an important role in the game. Like slots, your luck depends on what numbers you get from the spinners.

However, Spin Bingo is also largely dependent on your skills. One player, given the same cards and spinner numbers, can play the same game differently, mostly because of the Jokers which have a significant impact in your game score. Make sure you use your Jokers strategically.

Also, play with Game Aids! The Game Aids make it a lot easier to spot the numbers that you can dab on your cards. It also highlights the game pattern on the cards, making it easier to see which numbers you still need to form the current game pattern for a higher overall score.

What happens when I get disconnected in the middle of a game and I have bingo cards in play?

If you come back before the game is over, you will be able to continue playing from where you left off. You may have to repeat your last spin if the game server did not receive your last score submission.

If you don't come back in time for the same game, your last recorded total score will be considered your final score. This will be used at the end of the game to determine your final game ranking. You may still win if your score is high enough, even if you weren't able to finish the game properly.