Word Hunt: multiplayer word search game!

Take a break from your bingo games.
Find words in the 4x4 letter board.
Test your word mastery against others.

What Is Word Hunt?

Word Hunt is a multiplayer word search game where you compete against other players finding as many words as possible in a 4x4 letter grid.

Test your word mastery against your friends and other players across the globe!

How To Play Word Hunt

Players form words by connecting adjacent letters. The goal is to get the highest score by finding as many words as possible within the allotted 2 minute time frame. Players complete against each other using the SAME game board as everyone else.

You form words by first clicking on any starting letter tile on the game board. Without releasing the mouse button, you then drag the mouse to adjacent letters (which can be in up to 8 directions, including diagonals). You can release the mouse button after you formed a word, after which the game will inform you if it's a valid word or not.

Each time you form a valid word, you will earn some points. Letter tiles with score multipliers are worth more game points. The highest scorers at the end of the game will win.

Players whose ranks are in the top 40% will get some prize rewards. The higher the rank, the better the prize rewards will be. More participating players also increase the overall prize rewards.

All participating players at the end of the game will be ranked according to their final scores.

Additional rules/info:
Each tile may only be used once in the same word. Once a tile is highlighted, you can no longer reuse that same tile for the word you are forming.
Some words may be found more than once on different locations on the game board. However, duplicate words are NOT allowed. Once you formed a specific word, you can not get points for the same word, even if it uses different tiles.
Minimum of 3 letters per word is imposed. Sample 2-letter words that are NOT accepted: AD TO ON IN.
Please note that the dictionary may contain words that some people or culture may find offensive. Currently, the words are not being censored whatsoever.

Game Board and Scoring System

Word Hunt features a game board with a 4x4 grid of random letter tiles. Each letter has a designated number of points, as follows:
The points are based on the usage frequency of each letter in the word dictionary. Letters that are used less often in the dictionary are worth more points because they are harder to use.

There are also letter and score multipliers in the game. The locations of these multipliers are NOT fixed. These are randomly distributed on the 4x4 game board at the start of each game, but their locations will be the same for all players.
2L2Multiply the letter's score by 2
3L1Multiply the letter's score by 3
2W2Multiply the word's score by 2
3W1Multiply the word's score by 3
Consider this example game board:

FIND = 8 points (4 + 1 + 1 + 2)
DID = 10 points (2 + 1 + 2) x 2
FIDS = 20 points (4 + 1 + 2 + 1x3) x 2

Bonus points are also awarded for forming longer words, as follows:
9 or longer+25
NOTE: the game keep tracks of your accuracy rate. If you keep forming invalid words, your accuracy rating will drop. Your final score at the end of the game is multiplied by your accuracy rate.

For example:
Current score: 1000
Valid words submitted: 100
Invalid words submitted: 100
Accuracy Rating: 50%
Final score: 500 points only (1000 x 50%)

It's ok to submit words that you are not sure of (that's how you can learn new words), however don't do it mindlessly because it may cause your final score to drop!


Word Hunt features a progressive jackpot prize. The following rules apply:
Your final score is 1200 or higher.
Your rank is 1st place.
There must be at least 3 participating players in the game to win the jackpot.
NOTE: 2nd placer and lower are NOT eligible for the jackpot, even if the scores are more than 1200.

In case of similar scores among multiple players, who gets the higher rank is determined by the following:
The player with the better accuracy rate will get the higher rank.
If the accuracy rates are also the same, the player who submitted their last correct word faster (as determined by the game server) will get the higher rank. It pays to submit your last few word scores as early as possible!
So there will be no ties, even if some players may have the same scores. The ranking of the players at the end of the game are deemed final, based on the tie breaker rules above.

General jackpot rules (applies to ALL HeyBingo games):
The BASE jackpot is 250/50 of game currencies.
The jackpot amount increases depending on the number of players in the game.
The maximum jackpot is 1500/150 of game currencies.
When a player wins the jackpot, the jackpot is reset to the BASE amount.
Guest players are NOT eligible to win the jackpot.