75 Ball Bingo: Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the old HeyBingo and Flash games?

The old website and the old HeyBingo Flash games are no longer supported.

Why aren't there chat rooms anymore?

There are still a lot of work in progress. Chat will be supported in the next game updates.

How can I get more game currencies?

If you sign in via Facebook, you will be given bonus game currencies immediately.

Winning games (especially the jackpot) will also grant rewards.

If you run out of game currencies, you can also watch rewarded video ads.

What are rewarded video ads?

Rewarded video ads are short video clips that you can watch, and in return you get extra game currencies.

Low on game currencies (coins / fruits)? Rewarded ads let you recharge your game currencies, so you can play more games and enable the Game Aids! You can watch rewarded ads every 30 minutes.

Why can't I view rewarded ads after some time? It says rewarded ads are limited?

Currently, there is a limit to the number of available rewarded ads available for everyone. Players who are low on game currencies will be given priority to watch rewarded ads.

If you have enough game currency, you will not be able to watch rewarded ads temporarily until your game currencies fall below the upper limits.

This is a temporary solution. Hopefully, in the future there will no longer be limits and you can watch rewarded ads as often as you like.

NOTE: The reward limits are separate for each game currency (coin and fruit). If one currency gives you an error when viewing rewarded ads, try the other one!

How do I call a bingo?

There is a HeyBingo button available on each card. If you think you've formed the game pattern, just press the HeyBingo button anytime. The game will let you know if you have a valid bingo call.

What is a bad bingo call?

A bad bingo call is when you pressed the HeyBingo button but you don't have a valid winning game pattern yet. If you make a bad bingo call, there is an increasing time delay penalty which prevents you from dabbing the card further until the timer has elapsed.

What is a late bingo call?

The game only allows a certain number of maximum winners for each game. In some instances, multiple players may try to claim bingo at the same time, but the maximum number of bingos allowed have all been claimed already. Whoever called bingo first will be declared winners. Players who did not declare a bingo in time will have a "late bingo" call and will not be eligible for prizes.

For example, let's assume the maximum number of bingos allowed are 10. If 9 bingos have already been called, and on the 10th bingo 3 players tried to call bingo simultaneously, whoever called bingo first (as determined by the game server) will be awarded the 10th valid bingo while the remaining 2 will have late bingos.

I see 3TG, 2TG, 1TG on some cards. What do these mean?

If you have Game Aids, the game tells you how far you are from getting a bingo. 3TG means "3 To Go", 2TG means "2 To Go", and 1TG means "1 To Go" meaning you only need to dab just 1 remaining number on that card before getting a bingo. If you have Game Aids, the squares needed for a bingo will also be highlighted for you.

What happens when I get disconnected in the middle of a game and I have bingo cards in play?

If you come back before the game is over, you will be able to continue playing from where you left off. You may have to repeat your last few dabs since the game server may not have been able to receive the complete dabs from you.

If you don't come back in time for the same game, you will not have a chance to win anymore (unless you already called a bingo on some of your cards). Players must manually press the HeyBingo button in order to declare a bingo and win. As such, you must be present in the game to declare bingos, since the game will not auto-play the cards for you.

I've been playing for hours and days, but I still haven't won a lot. The same players are winning all the time. Is this game rigged?

Bingo is mostly a game of chance, so everyone has the same chances of winning. Bingo card numbers are generated at random, and bingo calls are all done randomly as well. No one (including HeyBingo) has any manual control to change the outcome of a game.

Some players are just luckier than others, as it is in real bingo halls. You can't expect everyone to win at the end of the day. If you don't win today, try another day!

Player statistics are also publicly available. Check the player's profile to view their game statistics. Even if they appear to be very lucky in a particular time or day, you might be surprised to find that their overall odds of winning are actually the same as everyone else, as it should be.