Why were the new games reset?

December 28, 2020

Unfortunately, there were some issues with player stats and game currencies. Please note that the reset has been announced as early as November 14. It wasn't an easy fix, so I had to leave everything as is, until I had time to address the issue.

There were some bugs that made the overall stats of some players inaccurate, like some non-winners getting higher average ranks and game currencies. This can not be corrected without a reset. The reset allows all players to start fresh with accurate stats.

The games are actually keeping track of more stats than what's shown in the leaderboards now. Eventually, more detailed stats for each player will also be viewable, and everything has to be accurate or players will just complain.

The game currency allotments also created a wide uneven distribution, with some players acquiring too much, while some players don't even have enough that I needed to keep refreshing their game currencies so they can continue playing daily. It was not well-balanced at all. There has now been some changes to address these issues, but again a reset was needed so everyone can start on equal footing.

Will there still be a reset after this? I hope not, however there are still a lot of changes being done, so it's still possible. I am also thinking if I should just reset player statistics on a monthly basis, then a leaderboard can be added to show e.g. players who have the most game currencies remaining for that month. Then at the start of the month, everyone starts anew with the same base stats.

In the old HeyBingo games, I just allowed everyone to accumulate points without any use for it. The new games are not designed this way. There will be consumable items in the future etc. Players may not see now why some particular changes are being made, but just trust that such changes are not being done arbitrarily.